The issue with IQ in 2020 - plus some technical issues

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The issue with IQ in 2020 - plus some technical issues

I went for a little tiki tour in July here in New Zealand:

To be honest I felt almost a bit exhausted thinking about taking some pics of places that have been shot gazillions of times in the last 200 years, but took the pics anyway as it's not just about "having" the end result, but also to take the shots in the first place.

I took my X-PRO3 plus the 14/2.8 and the 16/1.4 plus some ND128 and ND1000 filters. A Benro Travel Angel, Carbon and the RRS BH25. A light enough combo. Add the 50/2 and the 35/1.4 and you have a bag full of primes (sorry, couldn't resist ...)

But also took a SAMSUNG S20, triple lens, up to 64Mpx (awful, if you ask me!!). The S20 - for those who have only ever heard of an iPhone as a photography tool - has 3 lenses. A wide (called normal), think 28mm FF equiv, a 20mm and a tele (no idea, feels like 135mm, but honestly, no idea). The way the S20 works is this:

camera on

click wide, normal or tele to pre-select the "range"

then fine tune the focal length

and then, the nifty part: tap anywhere on your screen and a little adjustment tab pops up with a "handle" in the centre. This lets you adjust the light of the part of the frame you tapped. Pulling down turns the exposure down, pull up ... (no need to explain right??)

What makes this an enjoyable exercise is the fact that the lens selection, plus tapping and adjusting exposure is such a fluent affair, it's actually a lot of fun.

I very much like the handling of the X-PRO3 as well, but most of the time I simply sent "postcards" to friends and family on WhatsApp. So the pics look ok enough on a small screen. 8K video looks fabulous and 4K?? That's for those who are easily satisfied with a quarter of an 8K video stream.

The S20 is a step down from the PRO3. A huge one, if you pixel peep. But not so huge when you use a simple 30" - or a measly 27" ... :

So no mouth watering guessing games here, but nonetheless, here is a little exercise for you: how often would you feel compelled to send the PRO3 image later on via dropbox or email, if you had already sent the S20 image?

Feel free to view those images at full (1800px I reduced them to as that fits nicely on a full hd screen) and tell me if there is a WOW factor when you send the larger, better and higher IQ image.

In my opinion the air is getting thin-ner ... regarding "real" cameras. And then people are occasionally jumping "up" to Medium (well...) or at least FF A7RIV. 61Mpx ..

And the icing on the complaints-cake - the technical issue I mentioned in the title - the minimum focusing distance. The new Überflieger SIGMA 85/1.4 has a minímum distance of around 3ft or 90cm. The 50/2 and the 35/1.4 MUCH better ...

Could go on for a while, but must say that I almost take it for granted that I can take pics of stuff that is only 5 or so cms away (2 inches...). Sometimes even closer.

And then the CA and the wor***

I never took a photo of the tree fern with the PRO3. Too lazy, walking thought the bush.

Or - more likely - I am already on my way out (doubt it, but the air IS getting thinner I must admit).

To concluse this raterh longer than intended post: I think I should book a therapy session with The Greg (the The "brick" Greg, yeah right ...). He would certainly set things straight.



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