21mm MF lens or 23mm AF for an X-Pro2

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21mm MF lens or 23mm AF for an X-Pro2

At the beginning of 2019, after five years of shooting exclusively with Fuji, I bought a Leica M9 and shortly after that,  a Leica M8. Without going into a very long story of why, I just bought an X-Pro2, which has not arrived yet, and have put my M8 up for sale.

I do not do or plan to do video.  My current lens inventory includes  two 35mm M-Mount lenses, two 50mm m-mount lenses, and two 50mm LTM lenses. Plus adapters to use them on. the X-Pro2. When I sold my old X-E2 and X-T2, I was down to my two favorite lenses, a Rokinon 21mm f1.4 and a Zeiss Touit 1.8/32mm. Considering my current collection of M & LTM lenses I would like to add one 21mm or 23mm lens and have come up with a short list of four lenses, all available in new condition for less than $500 USD and would like opinions on which to get.

 bs1946's gear list:bs1946's gear list
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Rokinon 21mm f1.4 - great optics in an industrial strength plastic body without a DOF scale and a stenciled on inaccurate distance scale, Also the largest lens in the group and the only one I have ever owned.
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Voigtlander 21mm f/4 P Color Skopar - newer m-mount version, discontinued but still available, typical Voigtlander build quality, and the smallest lens in the group. Supposedly soft in the corners on a Fuji body.
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Fujifilm XF23mm f2.0 - Typical Fuji build quality, designed not to block X-Pro2 OVF, and weather sealed. Not as good optically as the XF23mm f1.4 and no AF/MF clutch, but a lot smaller and almost half the price.
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Viltrox AF 23mm f1.4 - According to the reviews I have seen, this lens has faster AF, almost silent, and is optically superior to the Fuji 23mm f2. It is also the least expensive lens in the group but two negatives for me are its click less aperture ring and made in China.
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