TG-6 GPS slow to lock

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Re: TG-6 GPS slow to lock

I do the same. I don't really like or use "multifunctional" devices. The TG5 is a camera, not a GPS unit. So I synch my TG-5 clock with my Garmin 62 or 64 on the beginning of each trip and I track my outing from start to end onto the Garmin at "normal" recording interval. When I need location for a pic, I just look up the gpx file at the time stamp of interest and get the location on the Mapview or BaseCamp associated base map. I get about 10-15 m accuracy for any pic I want when I am moving, ~2 m when staying at the same spot for 20 sec or so. Good enough for me. I geotag mushroom this way that I easily find again year after year. The TG5 battery is not drained by GPS activity, no waiting for GPS lock, and I get a complete accurate track and waypoints series for all my outings.

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