Uncleanable dirt in a lens

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Re: Uncleanable dirt in a lens

Pakro wrote:

Hello guys,

I bought a Canon 10-22 lens second hand and found out that there was a lot of dirt inside of it so I disassambled the front element to clean it and I made sure that it was done properly using compressed air and accessories special for lens cleaning.

Simple test is to shine a flashlight into the lens and look for the "dirt" You would be able to tell if you got it all or not.

After reviewing the result of the cleaning I noticed there was still dirt that was showing up in pictures so did it again even more thoroughly than the first time putting in extra work cleaining both the front element and the lens behind it to make sure it's crystal clear.

Dirt doesn't really show up in pictures at normal apertures if its on a lens. If you are stopping down and see the dirt, it could possibly be on the rear element.

But generally when you see "dirt in a picture" it is on the sensor.

Unfortunately the dots are still there partially visibile but only at higher aperture but there is still one that shows up in the spot fully black that never got removed.

Do you have a sample image taken with the lens to show the dirt?

Is this some sort of permanent damage or why is it not getting removed? Thanks for insights.

I have cleaned over 100 lenses myself, ranging from dust, fungus, haze, rust and water damage (yes i had a lense that had water between 2 elements).

IQ is affected from a dirty lens but it is very hard to see it localized in an image unless it covers a significant part of the lens surface.

Let us know if you get it fixed and what the issue was.

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