Nikkor-z-70-200 f2.8 review on Italian website: terrific lens

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Alert, possibly significant

I imagine Nikon can make a 70-200mm, seeing that they had the best ever previously.


I find a lot of the images slightly out of focus, yes, sharp, but sometimes it is the chin, sometimes it is the hair. I am not seeing "biting" sharpness on the eyes. Seems quite a few images are slightly front focused. Probably possible to adjust with focus microtune in camera.

In some images I frankly get the 58mm f1.4 effects, things are "sharp" but also veiled and softened somehow. This doesn't have the 'modern' feel that one often gets from very sharp lenses.

Then I realized you have to click on the image and bring it up. THEN it looks sharp.

Just a warning to others in case you are seeing the same thing. Must be the site compressing or doing something.

I got completely the wrong impression, thought the lens/focusing was soft but it looks good.

Just alerting others in case.

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