Firmware update for Sigma 35mm f1.2

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Re: Firmware update for Sigma 35mm f1.2

Good to hear a positive experience, thanks.

I have read from 3 users experiencing the following problems after the update:

User 1: AF accuracy degradation with the A7R 3 and 4 when using AF-C at F1.2 and at a distance further than 2m. But not with F1.4 and above, not with AF-S, and not with the A6300.

User 2: Generally significant more rejects than before, regardless of which aperture being used.

User 3: Not sure yet if AF accuracy has degraded but for sure does not see any enhancements. Experienced for the first time an issue where he could not change aperture anymore.

Above issues have been reported to Sigma Germany.

yakkosmurf wrote:

Good to know.

I pulled it out this afternoon for a few minutes to try it out on my A7RIV. I bought this lens to get candid shots of my small kids who are in constant motion. From my brief test, the AF-C performance is actually a slight improvement. Swapped back to my 24-70GM, and the eye AF while in AF-C of the Sigma is noticeably faster to lock on.

But, I am just one data point.

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