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Re: Pseudo 1200mm-efl with 75-300mm f4.8-6.7 II

Henry Richardson wrote:

All the photos I have posted in this thread were taken at 300mm f6.7 (wide open) and that is supposed to be the worst focal length and the worst aperture at 300mm. Personally, I find that as long as I take care about camera shake (IBIS helps a lot, but at such a long focal length you need to take great care to keep the camera steady), atmospheric haze, etc. that it is still quite sharp. Using the DTC you are getting the central 25% of the image, which is the sharpest part, to interpolate from.

I should note that in all my shots I sort of screwed up because I had left my camera set to JPEG Normal rather than Fine or Super Fine. The results would have been slightly better using Super Fine or Fine instead of Normal. Having said that, even at Normal I was satisfied, particularly if the 20mp (or 16mp) file was downsized some.

I haven't used the DTC since 2017 when my 75-300mm was new. I was having a ball with it for awhile taking very long telephoto shots at 300mm with DTC (pseudo 1200mm-efl) and without DTC (600mm-efl). Now I feel like taking it out for a spin again.

On these forums one often gets the impression that long telephotos are just for birds or the moon. And one often gets the impression on these forums that wide angles are just for landscapes. I suggest that you use your imagination.

Not only are you getting the sharpest part of the frame, but you also eliminate the vignetting that happens at f/6.7 and 300mm without the x2 DTC!

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