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Re: Filter compatibility

petrochemist wrote:

Confused of Malvern wrote:

Ibanez wrote:

^i switched because my plastic holder broke within 2 weeks. I dropped it on the ground and then my dog got ahold of it and chewed it. So i switched to the metal holder.

That sounds like a fairly practical reason for switching! I've had my plastic holder for something like 20 years and fortunately it hasn't suffered any such mishaps (hope I'm not tempting fate saying that).

Like wise I've had a plastic one for over 25 years & added multiple others in several sizes (all brought used, and usually for something else being sold with them) in the last 10 years.

None of mine have broken, even when I jammed thicker filters into them. I'm fairly sure I've never paid more than a tenth the cost of that metal one.

I think the metal version might be more compatible with wider lenses (wasn't it a single slot holder?)

I think the metal version has a seal to help prevent light leaks with ND filters. My plastic Cokin A is wide open on the rear. Even my GNDs can pick up reflections from the rear.

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