Do I need an extender? Camera system choice

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Re: Do I need an extender? Camera system choice

Musicall wrote:

I’m about to make a very long overdue leap into full frame mirrorless.

I have no brand loyalty as it will be a complete system change.

I’m currently choosing between the Canon R5 and Sony A7IV. I think I’m favouring the Canon but as landscape is my main interest should I be concerned that the extender is not compatible with the 70-200 RF?

Any thoughts or advice gratefully appreciated.

What focal length do you use now?

My nature landscapes would rarely reach 70mm in full frame. The main reason I'd go to FF is for the ultra-wide. For landscape, long telephoto lenses wouldn't be my priority.

For nature photography, I'd be more likely to use long telephoto lenses, or a macro lens for close-ups.

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