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Confusedabit wrote:

RLight wrote:

In a sentence, the best (all-around) pocketable camera on the market for everything except sports where others do better (which I'll cover).


The G5X Mark II ticks the important boxes of being powerful and pocketable but is coupled with an EVF and fast versatile lens while also providing an engaging experience with stellar ergonomics, Canon colors, and a touchscreen. You might ask, what's the catch? The catch, the tracking autofocus aka AI-Servo is only available in single-shot mode with all methods, or, single point if doing continuous burst shooting presumably because it's contrast detection, not phase detection.

More likely because Canon seem not to have spent a single cent over the past few years on improving their dot in the middle or everything Contrast Detect focusing rolled out from basic point and shoot to top end kit. It gets faster but that is probably just the faster processors. The lack of Powershot investment in their own areas of expertise not bought in from Sony is very worrying. If Sony have fixed their menu and touch screen woes as the latest high end stuff indicates Canon could have problems.:-(

Said high-speed continuous shooting

I've been saying this for years...

Sony's problems are all cosmetic, things like grips, menus, JPEG engine rendering, but a few are more complex like the latter, or CFAs (color filtering arrays) as color science is incredibly delicate and complex.

But yes, most of Sony's problems could be fixed with a firmware update.

Yet, in 2020, they still haven't addressed even just the menus.

Sony's secret to success is their fabs are financed by the mobile phone industry which they can leverage the R&D gleaned from those efforts for their larger sensors. Otherwise, their software engineers (perceivably) are working other projects ala Playstation, and can't be bothered to work a camera system.

To your point, Canon took the easy road here and did yet another Contrast Sensor, however, a better one was available ala Sony RX100 IV sensor, so they'd be foolish not to do at least that so I'm grateful they did.

Do understand Sony's PDAF does not equal Canon's DPAF and Canon would have to write separate AF software to address it, which is quite the investment for no offense, a dying breed (point and shoots). I gather Canon's future on chip AF in a Powershot will be in the form of a G1X III successor, in other words using Canon's own (DPAF) APS-C sensor.

Even though as a tech enthusiast the G5X II is a turnoff with it's CDAF, Canon's done a good job here with implementation. It's fast CDAF; it's being driven by DIGIC8 and the latest AF firmware, and, the Sony RX100 IV sensor has faster readout which helps. It's not DPAF/PDAF, but it's pretty good for what it is.

The G5X II's achilles heal is its sensor: CDAF only and not large enough to make a huge difference vs smartphone equipped with machine learning. It's strength though is it's sensor: allows it to be compact enough to fit in a pocket, do decent 4K, have decent low light performance for a point and shoot.

I'm personally not disappointed with the autofocus of the G5X II, however, I do wish there was an APS-C sensor (90D) with the latest bells and whistles available from Canon ala G1X IV, right now. But, then again, that won't pocket...

There's just not much more that can be done with a 1", even by Sony which is manifest by their latest RX100 VII efforts: more reach, where Smartphones still can't "catch up" with machine learning, yet, but does it at the expense of light gathering to keep the size down. That's the most 1" can do and fit in a pocket.

There isn't much more that can be done here from Canon for the Powershots with a 1" sensor.

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