5Ds- 5DsR owners. I have a few questions.

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Re: 5Ds- 5DsR owners. I have a few questions.

As mentioned, I have been using that e-bay L bracket for 10 months and I can assure you that there is NO twisting whatsoever with it.  Of course, the OP can decide what he wants to spend.

rjp85 wrote:

I just bought and installed the RRS L bracket: https://www.reallyrightstuff.com/canon-5dsr-plates

As someone else said, just buy the best one time and forget about it.

The RRS plate is contoured to the body, so it has anti-twist properties. It cannot twist.

This is the whole point of an L-bracket. To be able to mount the camera in any orientation with any lens and not have the camera move one single millimeter.

I would NOT use that bracket from ebay as it has rubber on the bottom and it doesn't have any anti-twist properties. This defeats the purpose of an L-bracket.

Also, the rubber can potentially cause movement during long exposures. You should ONLY use metal on metal, not rubbery/soft material on metal.

I'm sure movement is not likely, but still technically possible.

Just my opinion.

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