Is it possible to change exposure without clicking +- button? [Z50]

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Re: Is it possible to change exposure without clicking +- button? [Z50]

A repost from a useful older thread on custom settings.

(f6) "Release button to use dial" I switched this to Yes.

I like this better.

I can switch from Auto-ISO to ISO by pressing the ISO button, letting it up, then turning the dial. Otherwise, it's "hold the ISO with my thumb, and turn the front dial with my index finger". A bit awkward.

And Exposure Compensation works great this way. Press the Exp button, let it up. Now the dial cycles through exposure compensation. I can take my time, viewing the effects on the scene, without having to also hold down the button the whole time.

Tom Hogan's Z6 guide says:

1. This has got to be the most dangerous Custom Setting on the

First, Nikon’s names for the options are terrible! The
option labeled Yes really means that a button press is equated
as a hold.

Second, unless you’re absolutely anal about your
control use, I can almost guarantee there will come a time
when you start to make settings (say white balance) then see a
shot opportunity and start trying to take the shot; of course,
you’ll want your Command dials to be helping you set an
exposure for that shot, but they’ll still be linked to the
command sequence you started.

Oops. Avoid anything but the default.

That's interesting. It's never caused a problem for me so far. I don't turn the dials while actively shooting as often as he does, I suppose.

EDIT--now, 6 months later, I've never had any problems with this f6 setting.  It's perfect for me.   I see that one advantage of this f6 setting is that the exposure compensation doesn't reset after a screen timeout.  (That's both good and bad, depending...)

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