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Re: ISO invariance understanding it - just checking something

Brian Kimball wrote:

I'll go down this rabbit hole, with one huge caveat: understand that post processing sliders are not designed to recreate physics or mimic their physical namesakes. They are designed to produce pleasing adjustments to images, period. For example, ACR/LR's exposure slider is not linear and does not impact shadows & highlights in the same amount it impacts midtones. There's a built-in curve there that you can't see or modify. Also, ACR/LR's shadows and highlights are not blunt instruments- they are adaptive to the content of the image. Thus they provide different results for the same slider positions on different images. Also interesting to note that a certain amount of highlight recovery is automatically performed in ACR/LR, even if the highlights slider is at 0.

This is a very good point.

My experience with LR is that it is not coping very well with overexposed (from JPG point of view) images. It seems that shooting +2 EV and then reducing "exposure" slider in LR by -2 EV does not necessarily give you the same result as shooing with 0 EV correction.

When I'm using RawDigger to investigate some RAWs - it's embedded viewer gives much better results than LR initial view.

Still I'm trying to live with that, I'd like to leverage most of the sensor using ETTR with help of zebra. Such images require a bit more treatment from LR process flow.

Br, Pawel.

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