External HDD or SSD for backups?

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Re: External HDD or SSD for backups?

Austinian wrote:

Fred Colon wrote:

I don't recommend "external" HDDs at all based on what I often see in PC Talk.

What I recommend is a USB dock that accepts standard desktop SATA HDDs. That way any failure of the USB hardware won't affect your existing backups; the dock is easily and cheaply replaced, and you can back up multiple HDDs in rotation and have most of your backup HDDs safely off-line.

I'm afraid I don't accept this. If you think the usb hardware in the drive enclosure is going to fail then it's probably just as likely the SATA interface in the drive will fail.

Given the many reports here of external USB drive failures, I would want to see comparable failure rates data before I'd believe that they were as reliable as standard desktop SATA HDDs.

Yes it would be good to get actual failure rate data rather than rely on what you read on forums.  In my experience forums are full of people complaining about things and those with no problems seldom post just to say 'My widget works really well without any problems.'

From my own experience over many years I've had a couple of internal drives fail but no external drives.

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