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Re: Sigma 100-400 / Tripod socket

Pete, it is not about cost.  The exact same setup for my tripod is for every piece of lenses that I had.  One tripod, one ballhead (or a tilt/pan head), one Long QR plate with clamp, one L-bracket with a clamp.  This same set supports ALL my lenses.

Why do I do this - weight.  Per trip of 21 nights oversea, the hotel charges already does not make sense if I am considering cost.  More still my wife expects bi-annual holiday trips - twice a year my friend (at least - some years we had up to 4 trips).

Carrying the gears on long trip without the ability to recharge in home sweet home, one really have to consider weight, traveling from hotel to another after 4 to 5 nights will also be an issue of weight of all the luggage.  I guess unless you see my point, it will be difficult to understand my concern and those who are facing the same issues.

Same setup for all my lenses - using it for 24-105mm F4

Using it with my Samyang AF 18mm, Sony 16-35mm F4

With L-bracket and still able to maintain the Center of Gravity.

The 24-240mm has been hibernated in my dry cabinet and now I have the Sony 70-350mm APSC replacing it - due to weight and FL reach.  The Sigma 100-400mm will not go with me on long trip due to weight.  I am going to get the COMING Tamron 70-300mm (544gm without VR) this coming Fall - also because of weight and FL, then the Sony 70-350mm will rest at home.

One more issue on Collar - it cannot be use for Moon Shots, as it requires STEEP upward angle, and the collar leg is forward pointing, making it only good for downward and level shooting.  See my next image.

For moon shooting the Center of Gravity will be near camera base.

But with my setup, I was able to get the COG and perform a series of Focus Stacking shots on the moon.  Here are results from Focus stacking on the moon face.

View original size and zoom in for details.

Interference from shifting clouds - makes focusing inaccurate and less clarity

On a clear sky - 18 shots produces better result than on a cloudy sky with 30 shots stack.

Side by side comparison of the two images

The detailed landmarks are similar, but the sharpness is different due to atmospheric conditions.

The ability to get a stable Center of Gravity over the ballhead at an upward angle of 70-80 degrees is not possible with a collar, but my solution is able and produces steady shooting for over 400 shots.

This is not about cost, but performance my friend.

So sorry for such a long discourse, but it is to show that this solution can really be used effectively and most importantly for ALL lenses not just the Sigma 100-400mm, making it the lightest ONE solution.

Please do not feel I am trying to argue with you, but rather I am just presenting my own logics and hopefully someone may be able to use it or adapt it for weight consideration.


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