trying to understand what converter/adapter I need

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Re: trying to understand what converter/adapter I need

yuriythebest wrote:


Currently, my, "camera" ( okay it's an iphone, please don't judge ), has adapters for 37mm and 52mm threads by means of a special case and some adapters.

I'm looking to get one of those cheap "Mini 35mm F1.6 APS-C Television TV Lens"

The issue: this type of lens uses a c-mount, and I've searched far and wide for some way sort of adapter between this c-mount and so far all I've found was confusion. Is what I'm trying to do even possible? Thanks in advance!

I think the adapters are for filters, diopters or teleconverters. I don't think adapting a lens would work or what it would do attached to a phone.

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