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metaldood wrote: looks like a decent solution?

Another point to note, is that the support must be in front of the Centre of Gravity, else you will not be able to balance the lens+camera - see the insert.

The Sigma lens collar support area is very near the lens end and you must use any place further from the collar rubber ring.

Other than weight and size and positioning, this should work well.


Personally, if someone can afford a £3400 A7Riv and £899 Sigma 100-400 I don’t see the problem with just buying the official Sigma £130 lens collar and foot rather than cheaping out and spending £30-£40 on one of these makeshift solutions. They seem bulky and don’t support the lens as easily or efficiently when switching between portrait and landscape mode.
Not criticising the ingenuity of the solution, I just don’t see the £130 as a big barrier given the disposable income which is evident from being able to buy the lens and camera in the first place.

If the lens didn’t have a collar and foot available for it at all then that would be a completely different matter.

I have seen this logic being applied on almost all gear forums. That is if you buy an expensive piece of equipment(for which there is no other option depending on specs) then that person automatically should buy the most expensive accessories for it. It's good to have options. Also it's subjective to put an actual price on the tripod collar as for some it might not be worth $130 for just a collar when alternatives can be made to work. I have used expensive camera gear over the years but my accessories have all been 1/10 the price of the RRS/Gitzo brands. Neweer/Sunfoto have never failed me.

All a matter of personal judgement. If the makeshift solution provides all the functionality and quality that the user needs then it is great value.... but let’s not kid ourselves that these provide all the same functionality as the oem collar. In comparison they are fiddly to change from landscape to portrait orientation whilst still providing support for the lens. Hand held shooting would be less comfortable without removing the camera plate and swapping lenses wouldn’t be as easy.

I’ve absolutely no qualm with buying cheaper third party equipment if it performs close to the same level as the premium accessories, but in this case, for me personally, the compromises are not worth saving about £100, particularly not in the context of a user who is able to afford a camera and lens worth well over £4000. Personal view only of course.

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