Canon R5 teardown video and pics.

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Re: Canon R5 teardown with pics.

shawnphoto wrote:

PGSanta wrote:

Video linked at CanonRumors.

This camera is filled to the brim. Looking at this you can hardly blame Canon for the overheating. Maybe they could have done something a little more extreme for cooling but it would add weight, complexity, and probably be the most expensive non semiconductor part of the whole thing. Most likely heating will be solved by advancements in semi-conductor technology.

Canon may need to consider Apple's style of CPU design which is to create specialized cores on their chips that handle specific functions. This allows them to tailor the hardware to match the software requirements rather than running everything on a less efficient general purpose CPU.

The rumor is they're using ARM chips so if they're running everything on a general purpose CPU it might be too inefficient for the purpose. What they probably need to do is add a chip that can handle hardware image scaling more efficiently. I say this because it seems the oversampled 4k HQ is a problem for overheating with this camera. Having a specific chip handle the scaling supper efficiently will probably reduce heat big time.

Huh? DigicX is already a specialized ASIC Image/Signal Processor with separate blocks/cores dedicated to specific functions. It is not an off the shelf general purpose ARM chip like you would find in a phone. Where did you hear that rumor?

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