NP-FZ100 Genuine Voltage VS Stated, DC coupler and Step up discrepancy Help

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NP-FZ100 Genuine Voltage VS Stated, DC coupler and Step up discrepancy Help

Good Day everyone,

I have noticed an issue with the battery voltage when testing with a multimeter

1 Sony original NP-FZ100

2X Wasabi NP-FZ100

The stated DC voltage on all is 7.2V and

When testing, fully charged ALL batteries gave out around 9.5 V

What gives?

I assume when they are slowly depleted the Voltage will decrease to a certain point.

I am asking this because i purchased a dummy battery Coupler with an AC brick and that gave out a constant 8.4 V DC when testing the Dummy battery connected to it.

This Dummy Coupler works perfectly.

Now i wanted to power this whole setup also on the go from a USB Power bank that i have that has a USB 5V 2.1 AMP port but i know this will not power up the camera so I purchased a USB to 5V to 9/12V Step Up that can give an output switchable of either 9 or 12 Volts from a power bank which can be connected to the dummy battery and that would power up the camera.

I tested it and it worked flawlessly.

The problem in this case is this step up when switched to 9V actually gives out around 10.4 V when tested on the multimeter on the Dummy end and the camera is working fine as tested.On the small LED display it shows 9.2 on the actual converter.

I know this is a cheap chinese made item and might not be the most accurate in displaying the Voltage but everything seems to be running fine

I just want to ask , how does this over voltage work when the camera as stated needs 7.2 as i understand but the three batteries gave out 9.5 Volts and the step up gave 10.4 and all is working...

I turst the batteries will not do damage as the Sony would be the reference point and the 9.5 V it is giving out wont damage the camera , but will the step up at around 10.5 do any damage or is there a certain safety feature in camera ( A7Riii) that will shut it off if it senses irregular over/under currents or imminent damage?What is the worst case scenario? I did not test for more than a few minutes and all functions are working, photo, video etc...

I am not savvy with how DC voltage works on these electronics but i trust since batteries are ok at 9V would another extra 1 V hurt the camera from the step up?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated on explaining this whole difference.

FYI i could not find a single source that confirms the cameras Voltage INPUT Requirement or parameters as compared to the 7.2 V Output of the battery.



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