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I don`t buy it

I don`t trust the overly enthusiastic tone of this "review". It`s more of a presentation, really. BUT, i`ve studied the images and can say this:

-The button design and controls appears to be superior to a rx camera.

-The colors are better than sony`s(applicable to any other brand).

-The lens appears to be very sharp.

-It is made in Japan.

The only obvious drawback to this camera as i see it is the price. The official price in my country is more than $1000. What the...? Canon copies a sony rx100 camera and they want for it as much as a rx100 VII goes for? That`s just cheeky.

I had a look on the used market as well and found one locally for around $420. That`s reasonable, actually. However deals like that will be rare simply because canon definitely won`t sell many of these, so there are less cameras ending up on ebay and such.

My personal conclusion- probably a nice camera, as long as the price is right. Coincidently, the same applies for any rx100 camera.

No pocket camera ever is worth $1000, these cameras aren`t even weather/shock resistant.

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