Polarizing filter; which one

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Re: Polarizing filter; which one

hotdog321 wrote:

Gilbert1 wrote:

I am looking for a polarizing filter for my Nikon Z6 with Z 24 - 70 mm f / 4. The lens now has a Mentter EX-PRO + MRC UV 72 mm.

I have already read a lot on the internet about the different types and brands. I also sometimes read that some filters are difficult to remove?

I am considering a B + W Circular Polarizing HTC MRC Nano XS-Pro Digital 72, but I also see filters from Hoya and Mentter. I also read about vignetting.

What is your experience and what do you advise?

And another question: can I rotate the polarizing filter on top of the UV filter, or should it always be removed before using a polarizing filter?

You don't ever want to stack a UV filter with a CPL. First, the UV is pretty much a total waste of money and second, you are likely to degrade the image. Stick with the CPL and skip the UV.

I can never understand why someone would add a UV filter on the end of the lens. I questioned those that did on the Sony A7III Facebook page. I heard all the time the damage some would do to lenses and bodies. What exactly do these people do to damage their equipment so badly. Oh!! There's a bee!!! Swing camera and lens around and try to kill bee...

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