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[EDITED] Completely misdirected?

Ken60 wrote:

Thats a lot of words to hide the fact that as per usual, the guy that does not use Photoshop ( other than an old copy of Elements) is trying to offer me advice on how to use Photoshop.

No, I'm not trying to offer you, Ken60, advice on how to do anything! I wonder whether possibly you have me confused with someone else, or you've misread this thread. The OP here is hhhhhhhh, not Ken60, and hhhhhhhh is the person to whom my suggestions are mainly directed.

I thought you and I have what I still think is a minor disagreement about the significance or lack thereof to hhhhhhh working with artwork scans that are 8-bit TIFFs instead of 16-bit files, given the edits that the OP is performing (and in light of the the complication that the OP raised, that these 8-bit TIFFs are already close to the format's 4 GB limit, meaning there could not be a full-resolution 16-bit TIFF, which would mean that to use 16 bits, the files would have to be PSBs). I think that if the OP is basically only spotting the scans, which is what I thought the OP had indicated, then 8 bits is okay.

Beyond that, if you can quote something I've posted that is substantively wrong (and not merely contrary to your opinion), then by all means please do so because sometimes I'm wrong and I like to learn. But please don't misrepresent or assume what I've written or think. The rest of your post certainly attributes to me things I did not write.


I went back and re-read the posts, to see whether I missed something. In the very first post, the OP wrote:

I'll do a little clean up from dust and scratches. Maybe a bit of levels and curves, but just a touch.

So in fairness I glossed over the "[m]aybe a bit of levels and curves" more than I should have. For cleaning up dust and scratches, starting with an 8-bit TIFF should not be a substantial issue. For levels and curves--if the OP actually does what's presented as a maybe--whether starting with an 8-bit TIFF is a significant problem depends on what the OP means by "a bit". To me, that means a very subtle change, and that sort of very subtle change is unlikely to induce visible banding. But in fairness, I've seen people make changes to things that they'd called 'a bit' of a change or similar, that I thought were more substantial.

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