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Thats a lot of words to hide the fact that as per usual, the guy that does not use Photoshop ( other than an old copy of Elements) is trying to offer me advice on how to use Photoshop. Unbeknown to you I  have used the software professionally since version 2 , and taught college students to use it.  Add to this the same guy that prints max 8"  wide at home spends time contradicting posts by users of machines he has never owned,  or used.

My best advice to you is to try and refrain from comments in areas where you have no active  participation , and stick to the things you use and know.  Passing along information from LULA and reading other peoples advice on forums only goes as second hand information.

When you pull an area of a curve in Photoshop "upwards, the only part of the image that is lightened is that where the curve is lifted. In Photoshop you can offer the curves layer adjustment from the bottom of the layers toolbox ..... here select the hand pointer and in the image go to a mid tone and whilst clicking and dragging on the screen image you will lift the mid tones related in the curve.  Now some of the image might be a tad lighter , however the numeric values for lightness and colour in both the shadows and the highlights will be the same.    The "image " as a whole is NOT lightened , only a select part is.  If as some suggest that the entire colour balance of the image is poisoned , or the global image is lightened , then Adobe would never have become the global leader in image manipulation.

Now we have cleared this up perhaps you can pop off to the medium format area and offer advice to the users of high end digital medium format cameras , not that you own or use one of these either.

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