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Re: Thorlabs Piezo stage for a Stack&Stitch system

Guito55 wrote:

Hi Mike, thanks for correcting me and for your fascinating work! I called up my friend, an engineer, who I took the photos for. I have little science/engineering formal knowledge, He couldn't stop laughing. He explained that it wasn't a piezoelectric stage, that the steps were in micrometers not nanometers and that it wasn't a microprosser at all. I blame it on old age and reading your posts thinking I was doing what you were doing. :}
So in answer to your question: I didn't. I am interested how to get nm steps without a stepper motor, though. My microscopy hasn't reached that level yet, but maybe one day.

Your work is super inspiring.


The DoF follows as DoF = lambda/(NA^2), where lambda is light wavelength (~.550um for green), NA is lens numerical aperture. At 20X with NA of 0.42 the DoF is just ~3um, so you need to make focus steps smaller than 3um, so maybe 1.5um. At higher magnifications the DoF is even smaller and the step size thus smaller.

As you can imagine accurately taking steps this small requires special equipment, thus the development of the piezo stages for focus stepping.


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