Lens Hood on Tele ?

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Re: Lens Hood on Tele ?

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Is this a good enough or should I look for original one in the used market? https://www.daraz.pk/products/heavystar-dedicated-lens-hood-for-canon-ef-100-400-f45-56l-is-lens-for-canon-et-83c-i128152600-s1287123393.html?mp=1

A lens hood is not something that will give better results if you use the original or a 3rd party. The real concern is whether the image will vignette at the minimum FL end.

I find myself using the rubber lens hoods that can be rolled out or in as needed. I bought a number of sizes and they just screw into the filter threads. If I get vignetting when rolled out, I just roll it back.

An example. They come in all tread sizes:


Buying OE will ensure that the hood is optimized for your lens. You'll notice that most hoods, especially on tele-zooms have a 'petal' shape; if the 3rd party has the identical shape, fine but if it's generic, you may run into vignetting, etc.

+1.  Not to mention a rubber hood will do nothing to protect the lens from a bump or, worse, a drop.  I speak from experience, having dropped a mounted 80-400mm lens mounted lens-first onto asphalt.  The plastic hood took the impact, absorbed it, and no damage to the lens at all.  One of the mounting ribs on the hood was chipped, but it still mounted and all was good.  I can imagine with a collapsible rubber hood the impact would have been directed directly through the lens and I would not have been so lucky.


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