Lens Hood on Tele ?

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Re: Lens Hood on Tele ?

yousaf wrote:

I am using a Canon 100-400mm Mk1, without a hood. I bought it used and it came without the hood. I often get my photo rejected at www.jettphotos rejected due to low contrast. Does adding a lens hood will help with contrast or not?

My accepted photos can be found here. https://www.jetphotos.com/photographer/31140

I never shoot this lens w/o the lens hood!  For one, yes it will increase contrast.  The element is out front with no shade whatsoever so any extraneous light hitting it will reduce contrast and potentially cause flare.

Speaking of the front element being out in front, the hood will also do a fantastic job of protecting it.  I never use a "protection" filter on this lens; the hood is nice & deep and I've never had a problem with not using a clear filter.


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