Will there ever be an RX100VIII?

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Re: Will there ever be an RX100VIII?

Will it matter?

  • Every so often there are great leaps in technology, then for a while progress is incremental. How much would anyone pay for something that is 'just a little bit better'.
  • Assuming professionals haul DSLRs around, the RX series is mostly a high end amateur camera already delivering far more quality than anybody really needs.
  • You can take rubbish images with a great camera, and if you have a good eye and decent skills you can take engaging images with a modest camera. A "better" RX100 won't reduce the number of rubbish images in the world and won't materially improve the good images.
  • In 2012 when the RX100 came out, worldwide digital still camera sales were just short of 100 million and beginning to fall. In 2019 (pre Covid) it was around 12.5 million. That's all cameras, all markets. A new RX100 won't lift that number at all, its a niche product, so its hardly worth Sony investing in new hardware.

Sony might do something with the firmware, tweak the 'packaging' and marketing to get us all excited, but does it really matter? Who will rush out to spend $1000 or more for an imperceptible (to most) change?

So as a direct answer to a direct question:

There might be, there might not be, but who really cares?

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