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stevendillonphoto wrote:

Joe94 wrote:

Morning everyone,

Im after some advice, I’m look for the best lighting option for macro photography (insects, flowers etc..) for my Olympus & am trying to decide whether I’m better of getting the STF-8 Macro Twin Flash or use a single speadlight with some kind of diffusion?

many thanks,


Hope this doesn't throw too much of a monkey wrench into your plans, but there is another option. I don't use any kind of flash and never have - strictly natural light. It does complicate things in other ways though. If you're interested in seeing what kind of results you can get without flash, feel free to poke around on my site. Lots of macro flowers to see under the Galleries menu (The Beauty Within, Flora, and Naturally Abstract collections).

Hi Steven,

Not at all, I appreciate your comments and in fact it’s good to see some of the amazing images you have taken just by using natural light. It was another side to my thinking was whether it’s even worth spending £400 odd pound on a macro flash when infact you can get just as good without & hens saving money.

Following this, if I did decide to not go down the route of flash and stick with natural light, is there any other equipment or software you use or could recommend to help expand my macro photography. I currently have an Olympus OMD EM5 Mark III with a 60mm macro.

Thanks again, Joe

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