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anotherMike wrote:

Oh, you're absolutely right in that Sigma has been maturing; lenses like the 40 art are better than the 35 and 50 arts that came before, and represent a bit more thought about bokeh and other non-resolution qualities (it's also a monster, having been ported over from its original incarnation as a cine lens). An interesting comparison if you ever get bored and have access to both (and have a Sony body for the 35) is shoot the 40 art (on something like a D850, it mates better there than on the a7 series) and the 35/1.2 art on an A7iii or iv. Both exceptional, truly world class lenses. Yet there are differences; subtle ones, but ones that indicate that the designers have learned more along the years as well. But there really hasn't been some gigantic "aha" moment at Sigma either.

What I'd really like to see is a lineup of lenses that are extremely well corrected, and perhaps just F/2.8, which would mean they don't have to go all monster on the size/weight so much, and still could deliver something truly exceptional. I don't shoot astro, so such a wide aperture is a bit of a waste on me, but since the best lenses these days are the fast one, that's what I end up with. I have a feeling I'm not alone on that one...


I am a great fan of the Sigma 135/1.8 Art, which I find delightful on 1", DX, and FX bodies.

A similar lens, slightly slower (thus, hopefully, lighter) would be high up on my wish list.

Here is a shot I just took with it, using an antique nikon1 V1 (heavy crop):

Slightly more modern, with 20MP, is the J5:

Really crisp lenses are for me much more important than very fast ones, alas I don't mind them being fairly fast!

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