KUVRD Universal Camera Strap - Failure

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KUVRD Universal Camera Strap - Failure

Disclosures: I kickstarted the KUVRD Universal Camera Strap because I was interested in the product and the idea. I kickstarted the campaign to the level that got me two camera straps and a wrist strap. I paid $130.

Before I even get started, I want to post the following photo demonstrating that the camera strap has failed me within 72 hours of receiving in the mail.

The hook on the left has twisted, causing the strap to free from the camera while picking it up.

Here is all it took to have this strap fail me: I left it attached to the camera, and I placed the camera in the center console of my SUV. The weight of the camera and lens pressing down on the strap was all it took to bend (camera was an EOS R, lens was RF 70-200 f/2.8). When I went to take the camera out of the center console, I grabbed the camera by the strap, and when it came out of the center console, it was hanging by only a single hook.

It had slipped out of the bent hook.

Now, here are some nice things about the strap:

It's nice to be able to take the straps off and put them on super quickly, and have nothing left on the camera, like the Peak Design anchors, to get in your way.

The strap is low key.

It is relatively comfortable.

However, I would never recommend anybody to buy this strap, primarily because of the ease with which the hooks can fail.

After having this happen accidentally to me, I attached it back to the camera, and with an alarmingly small amount of twisting force, straightened the hook. I then checked how little force it would take to bend out of shape in order to slip free, and it was very little. I am not a professional reviewer and don't have any tools to reliably apply a force of this kind and determine how much was applied.

In addition to the twisting issue, it does not really appear that the item that shipped has anodized aluminum hardware, and appears matte in all of their product materials. Instead, on the shipping product the hardware glossy, and appears to be paint, and has already worn off in some locations after a single weekend. If it is anodized, the anodization is quite poor. Note that this was primarily a relaxing weekend, I was not out trekking through jungles.

Paint is missing from the inner surface of the hook.

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