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Your posts about lenses are always very informed and full of good solid information, so there is a lot of great stuff to chew on in your response. Thanks for looking into this. Great discussion of points I don't even know anything about being a beginner and all that.

Totally understand about compromises, and also that the needs of advanced amateurs/beginners/middle of the road type photographers are going to be served differently than higher level. Great that we have a variety of choices and options, the more the better, hopefully with a different balance of trade-offs.

I am not saying this is the world's greatest lens. But it does seems to represent progress in some way and I am sure Sigma's engineers have learned a thing or two since the introduction of the original Art and have incorporated some of that into the new lens? That's kind of logical. The rest is a construct from knowing a little and looking from the outside. Someone surely will test them side by side, then someone will take away the software correction and test, all that.

You see a new color on a house, you think a new family moved in. LOL.

Or as I say "always just the lens by it's outer plastic casing".

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