Problem with nikon kit lens 18-55

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Re: Problem with nikon kit lens 18-55

alberto91 wrote:


I hope someone can please help me.

I have the nikon d3400 with the 18-55 VR kit lens (second hand).

The camera seems to work fine, but I can't focus with the lens.

The only way to have the stars focused is with a focal of 30 or 40, but I want to use the 18 mm to make the longest possible exposure + have the stars focused.

But the focus ring (I point out in red in the pic attached) doesn't seem to work at all. I tried all possible configurations, setting everything in manual, etc:

Still didn't focus neither the stars nor any far object.

I wanted to ask for feedback before returning it straightaway to the second-hand store.

Ps.: My version of the lens doesn't seem to have any on/off manual physical button in the lens.

You have the  AF-P version, which is not the kit lens which comes with the D3400.

I have two copies of the AF-S version which came with my D3200 and D3300 APC format cameras from 6 years ago.  There are two switches on the side: VR ON/OFF and AutoFocus/Manual ON/OFF. The performance of both lenses at 18mm wide open (f/3.5) is very respectable, not bad in the far corners.


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