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Re: Is The Digital Tele-Converter Feature In Your OMD Camera Worth Your While?

JimH123 wrote:

Please understand that downsizing is a technique that can be used to reduce noise in an image. The act of compressing is likely to cause some certain amount of noise to be averaged out so that it is not noticeable.

Thanks for that additional info. The reduced perceived noise by downsizing has been my understanding also going back for many years.

The downside is that you have reduced the resolution of the image.

In the case of DTC images a 20mp image doesn't really have 20mp of resolution anyway so reducing it to 10mp is not really throwing any resolution away. It is just making it look less like it has been upsized from 5mp to 20mp.   5mp to 10mp is a much smaller lift so the results can usually look quite good.

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