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True and

Absolutely true and this is the way for all manufacturers and is the reality of modern lenses. In fact, it is highly ingenious and very adaptive for all practical applications.

So yes, perhaps on a purely bench test light flying through the lens the in-camera corrected lenses will be worse than the older more purely optical lens but in practical ways that will not have negative effects. Only positive. Give me a tiny light weight lens with all things corrected in camera that in the final picture is cleaner, sharper and more contrasty with fewer aberrations any day compared to a big ole' monster.

I think that Pentaxian attitude will fall apart pretty quickly once they handle a MILC with a small lens that performs BETTER in the final picture compared to their larger DSLR and larger lens. None of the PENTAX lenses seem to be winning awards and performing better in any metric, they are just now slowly catching up by sharing design lens design with other companies. Their lenses are looking strangely similar to others, lol. Not beating down on them but even Pentaxians have to face the truth sometimes.

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