35mm battle Nikon Z 35 vs fuji?

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Tributes to Sonnar

Thank you for comparison.
But I feel a bit strangeness about straight evaluation,
because the Z35/1.8 is one of the most up-to-date lense,
whereas XF23/1.4 is designed as classical type.

Fuji didn't recreate 23mm, but they chose to modify XF35/1.4
by adding wide conversion elements.
This is explaned in Fuji's official ad site.

And, XF35/1.4 is basically 35mm version of Zeiss Sonnar 50/1.5,
which is originally invented 90 years ago.
Although Planar got more popularity at that focal range,
some people have been preferring Sonnar. Even today it is still available.

As well, XF35/1.4 and XF23/1.4 are tributes to classical Sonnar.
I am not able to explan visual effect precisely, but apparently
they are for those who love the air of Sonnar.
(C Sonnar 50/1.5 example shots are shown in site below.
https://papacame.com/cosina-carl-zeiss-c-sonnar-50-zm )

I appreciate todays in-detail comparison, but I think classical
type lense should be evaluated by some whole picture method.
In that point of view, XF23/1.4 is not as bad as some might think.

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