Fujifilm X-T3 on sale save up tp $500

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Re: Fujifilm X-T3 on sale save up tp $500

Dear Gary:

Cheaper is always better. For me at least.

Then I have it. Touch it. Play with it. The question becomes, will it give me pleasure? As time separates the purchase price and experience it comes down to using it.

I am tempted by the $500 discount. I would love the T3. I want the IBIS and the flippy screen. Didn’t purchase the T3 because it lacked those features. Like the discount but won’t pull the trigger.

Won’t buy the T4 now. It has what I want. It does what I want. I can see the improvements in FW that Fuji will make. I’m willing to pay full price now. I’m not going to make this purchase right now.

I’m a street shooter. Not walking the streets B/C of the virus. Don’t want to capture images with masked people. Don’t have the energy or motivation to walk the streets now. Have cams that will suit me when I do have the energy &desire to walk the streets. I have the money now. Will have the money then. Maybe there will be a discount offered when I make the purchase then. Maybe not. Who knows? It will happen when it happens. Until then, I will read about the T4. It seems like the anticipation is more juicy than the actual possession. I’m too weird.

Nurse Marty

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