Lens Hood on Tele ?

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Re: Lens Hood on Tele ?

JimH123 wrote:

yousaf wrote:

Is this a good enough or should I look for original one in the used market? https://www.daraz.pk/products/heavystar-dedicated-lens-hood-for-canon-ef-100-400-f45-56l-is-lens-for-canon-et-83c-i128152600-s1287123393.html?mp=1

A lens hood is not something that will give better results if you use the original or a 3rd party. The real concern is whether the image will vignette at the minimum FL end.

I find myself using the rubber lens hoods that can be rolled out or in as needed. I bought a number of sizes and they just screw into the filter threads. If I get vignetting when rolled out, I just roll it back.

An example. They come in all tread sizes:


Buying OE will ensure that the hood is optimized for your lens.  You'll notice that most hoods, especially on tele-zooms have a 'petal' shape; if the 3rd party has the identical shape, fine but if it's generic, you may run into vignetting, etc.

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