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Ken60 wrote:

Manipulating the tonal range of the curve is a very common adjustment for preparing a file for print..... if this was a colour changer no one would produce a good print. You do produce large inkjet prints do you ?

Actually, when working with RGB tone curves the chroma and to a lesser extent hue values do change as you increase or decrease the RGB tone curve(s). So, for example, when increasing the tonal contrast the image tends to saturate more as well, but many folks welcome that extra "pop" and think of it as part of the increase in visual contrast.

That said, Photoshop does offer a way to edit RGB curves while keeping the color values (hue and chroma) the same. In the curves dialog window, just change the the curve adjustment layer's setting from "normal" to "luminosity" mode. That tells PS to adjust the RGB numbers using a color managed shift in the RGB numbers such that the profile referenced L* values guide the RGB numeric changes while keeping a* and b* (hue and chroma content) constant. This approach can be very useful, for example, when skin tones are being rendered and you want to raise or lower the overall contrast of the scene without changing the current color appearance of the skin tones if they already appear to have pleasing color values.


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