Lens Hood on Tele ?

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Re: Lens Hood on Tele ?

There's no good reason (that I can think of) not to use a lens hood on every, single lens you own.  Depending on your position with respect to the sun, time of day, etc, a hood will reduce glare and flare, as well as protect the lens, and it can definitely help increase contrast.  I was walking on the beach a few years ago with a body and 70-200 on a strap over my shoulder; somehow the lens release was pushed and over time the lens worked it's way out and hit the rocky beach, right at the front, and at about a 45 degree angle (where no "protection" filter would have done anything).  The polycarbonate lens hood cracked, but the lens didn't have a mark on it.  Without the hood I am certain that at best, I would have been facing a LARGE repair bill, and worst, a $2500 lens would have become a paper-weight in a heartbeat.

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