My very first impressions of the 35 f1.8 S

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Re: Some samples

danmitch wrote:

I do agree it’s a great lens (and measuring bokeh is difficult) however, not convinced there isn’t better though, particularly older lens formulas, Leica, Zeiss, which of course lose on other measurable like sharpness, flare, correction etc.

I haven’t done a direct comparison between the Zeiss Milvus 35mm f2 which I loved, but I have a feeling it could better the Z on out of focus area rendition - it is a simpler optical formula.

Highly unlikely in general. All older wide angles have copious amounts of field dependent aberrations which tend to have a significantly detrimental effect on bokeh off centre, and that's easily visible even at small magnifications.

That recent post is a pretty good example of the influence of these aberrations on OOF areas and that's between the Nikon and a Fuji 23 1.4 which isn't that old :

There are some aspects of the 35S's bokeh that may exhibits drawbacks compared to some other lenses. Onion rings, for example (vs old, spherical designs). They're moderate but they're there (but IMO way less important than field dependent aberrations detrimental to bokeh as the latter will have an effect without even zooming in). At some apertures I could see some people preferring some older select lenses over the Nikon in the centre of the frame in regards to transitions from in focus to OOF areas.

I don't see why simpler formulas should be correlated with blur quality. It's probably quite difficult to provide decent field dependent aberrations correction with just a few spherical elements in a compact package.

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