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Re: Downsizing?

boxerman wrote:

Henry Richardson wrote:

... I have found that if I then downsize the 20mp photo to 10-12mp on my computer it usually looks pretty darn good. For some images even the full 20mp looks good.

Why does the downsize look better, even sometimes? If there are no artifacts to average out, I don't know why the downsize would look better.

DTC interpolates 5mp to 20mp. In other words, 1 pixel becomes 4 pixels. If you downsize to 10mp then 1 pixel becomes 2 pixels. In your photo editing software on your computer I suggest you uprez a photo:

  1. 2 times the pixels
  2. 4 times the pixels
  3. 8 times the pixels

Take a look at each of them at 100%.  Also, see this:


I use DTC without fear in "emergencies," i.e., when the lens just doesn't have the reach. It's pretty much this, or lose the shot. Yes, you can crop in post, but it's much easier in-camera with other perks you get (more accurate metering and better view in the viewfinder.) I also suspect since the camera might do a little better than after-the-fact crop, but I can't offhand say why.

Yeah, and it is fun too. Especially for out of this world focal lengths like 1200mm-efl!

Here's a shot I got with my E-M5 (before pro-capture!), 75-300, DTC. Not suitable for large prints (as we often do), but nice enough to capture the moment I'll always remember.


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