External HDD or SSD for backups?

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Can I plug these internal SATA HDD to the USB dock?

Austinian wrote:

Justme wrote:

I am looking at Seagate SSD and HDD for backups in the 2TB range. SSD costs double but is it more reliable?

What brand of external HDD do you recommend as reliable?

I don't recommend "external" HDDs at all based on what I often see in PC Talk.

What I recommend is a USB dock that accepts standard desktop SATA HDDs. That way any failure of the USB hardware won't affect your existing backups; the dock is easily and cheaply replaced, and you can back up multiple HDDs in rotation and have most of your backup HDDs safely off-line.

Thnaks for the tip on this option. Can I juust plug these internal SATA HDD to the dock?


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