Challenge: Your Favorite Storm Image (Just One, Please)

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Re: Challenge: Your Favorite Storm Image (Just One, Please)


Anticipating that, I long ago decided to adopt a modified Pete Turner approach.

Long ago, long before he became one of NYC's most successful commercial photographers, Pete Turner was desperate to get an ad agency to look at his work. He came up with a plan and persuaded some friends to bankroll him for a 6 month photo safari from one end of the Dark Continent to the other. In all, he shot 10,000 Kodachromes and sent them all back to NYC for processing and delivery to him when he returned home. He then culled all that down to just 50 images in a slide tray. He booked a room at the Public Library, and sent them to every ad agency in town a printed invitation to view "Pete Turner's Africa." He said he never again had to look for work from the day after that show.

Yeah, I go through and cull occasionally.  It was easier when it was film, and I never ha to pay for processing.  gc

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