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stevevp wrote:

Probably daft question. How do you downsize the 20mp photo to 10-12mp?

The way I do it is I import all my photos into Lightroom and then if I want a 10mp or 12mp or thereabouts file I export it to that size.  Also, can do it in Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Gimp, Irfanview, or any other software.

If you want to do it in camera though then you can set the jpeg size to 10mp on the PEN-F, etc.

Note, that you don't have to downsize.  I have the 20mp (or 16mp) jpegs imported into Lightroom.  I am just saying that the camera (in the case of a 20mp sensor) takes the central 5mp and interpolates it up to 20mp.  Interpolating it up to 10-12mp is a smaller lift and looks better, naturally.  For prints it probably doesn't matter anyway though because the printer driver will do its own interpolation.  I haven't printed any of the DTC shots, but for onscreen viewing 10-12mp instead of 20mp is noticeable.

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