Is the R5 a lemon?

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Re: Is the R5 a lemon?

No, but Pentax has a Key Lime Pie:

Erick 21 wrote:

Hi all

I couldn't resist asking this question after looking at reviews of the R5. Is the camera a 🍋? I'm thinking of advanced amateurs, professionals and multimedia shooters.


1. Overheating issues & time taken to cool down effectively cripple video use, except for very short and infrequent takes

2. Battery life for stills and video use is short - I read 300 shots for a charge in average use?

3. Expensive media cards

4. Price points of the body and lenses are prohibitive

5. Resolution might create diffraction and stability issues?


1. Video issues might not worry stills shooters

2. Buy more batteries

3. Cards might get cheaper with more takeup.

4. Prices tend to fall for new cameras

5. IBIS!

Interested to read what others think, as it's more fun than more grim news about Covid19...


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