Travel Tripod advise: Gitzo or other?

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Re: Travel Tripod advise: Gitzo or other?

Colin Creevey wrote:

Hello all,

I currently own a nice large Manfrotto tripod (folded length 24") but now that I am restricted to a wheelchair it is very cumbersome to transport it when I want to shoot outside. For this reason I am now looking at getting a small light travel tripod.

I was looking at the Gitzo GIGT1555T Traveler Series 1 Carbon Fiber Tripod and a Gitzo 3-Way Fluid Head but I have a few concerns about it. My first concern was that the centre column does not appear to have a hook to add extra weight. After a little research it looks like you have to purchase this hook separately (Gitzo D104214 Hook).
The other concern I have doesn't just apply to this Gitzo but from the looks of things, many travel tripods. With my current tripod there is a little screw that I can tighten which prevents the tripod head from becoming loose. Is this common with all travel tripods or is there some other way they prevent the heads from becoming loose/unscrewing?
Anyone have any other recommendations for tripods I should consider? My requirements (below) are pretty minimal but I wish to get one that folds down compact and is lightweight.
Has a removable head
Supports at least 6lb load
Would be good if centre column is reversible but not required.

Are you sure a monopod with a tilt-head wouldn't work to your advantage? If you aren't doing long exposures, you could just drop it between your legs in the chair.

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