Ricoh GR2 or Panasonic LX100 Ii

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Re: Ricoh GR2 or Panasonic LX100 Ii

Ed B wrote:

BBbuilder467 wrote:

leew8948 wrote:

Before you jump to your conclusions and it sounds like you have already jumped with your conclusions.... both items were purchased as late virtually unused items from privately owned people so the one I decide not to keep will be sold privately by myself ! So no returns to retail stores .....

I also realise these are different cameras but as back up everyday camera I was not sure whether a fixed lens Camera would suits my needs and I would be able to get along with it.

as it is I like very much the both of them hence asking some opinions and POSITIVE feedback with this gracious site. So stop being holier than though with the lesser folk on this forum.

so please ask questions before you become judge and jury ...

Exactly what conclusion have I reached?

I believe he meant that response for me.

No problem. I knew that.

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