Polarizing filter; which one

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Re: Polarizing filter; which one

Gilbert1 wrote:

LenRivers wrote:

Do they ship overseas? They might ? In the FAQ section it says they ship to over 180 countries I think etc...


Thanks! By the way, what is the added value of Breakthrough filters over other filters?

I am not sure what you mean by added value.

I can recommend B&W, Heliopan, Tiffen HT line,

Filters can have an aluminum or brass holding ring.  Brass is better for durability and shrinking / swelling in extreme weather.  They usually dont get stuck or bind.

The Break through filters have an incredible warranty / return period they are that confident in the filter.

The filter ring on the Breakthrough has a texture to them making it easier to grab

They also make fantastic lens caps.  I actually have replaced all my original lens caps and put them back in the box in favor of the breakthrough.  They have a clamping force that is fantastic.  Sometimes original filter caps dont clamp well and they can be expensive to replace.  For sake of resale I like to have the original lens cap when I buy a used lens, just one thing I do.


Generally speaking for ultra wide angle lenses using a slim profile filter is advised and some do not retain front threads so you cant use a lens cap or stack filters.

In this case I know B&W are good for this.

I think the Breakthrough filters are good quality especially on the ND filter side.  They have a night time filter that looks interesting for astro work


Do whatever is easy to where you live and if you can find filters used, I would buy those and save money.  Nothing electronic about filters etc..

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