Metering on White Egrets

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Re: Metering on White Egrets

Morris0 wrote:

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Morris0 wrote:

I then take a photo and check for the flashing highlight warning and move 1/3 stop at a time till it shows up and then dial back 1/3 from the warning.

Trial and error. That works poorly when there is action that won't wait. I like to set the exposure manually, so I don't have to fool around later, but that works poorly if the light is changing.

Either way we're stuffed. Cameras should be smart enough to expose for the highlights, and I'm sure they all will be, r_e_a_l___s_o_o_n___n_o_w -- by which I mean many years from now.

Magic Lantern has a way of kludging this. According to the step-by-step instructions, it can be done with only 12 steps. Sigh.

Actually it works superbly for action as you set your exposure on arrival. Note your exposure for white and your exposure for all other subjects. Then it's simply a matter of moving the exposure wheel a few clicks.

Now I see what you are doing. That's about how I do it too. But it doesn't work very well if the light varies.  Personally, I muddle through, but I miss shots, alas.

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