Ricoh GR2 or Panasonic LX100 Ii

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Re: Ricoh GR2 or Panasonic LX100 Ii

leew8948 wrote:

Keeping both cameras at the same settings the IQ and fine detail winner is the LX

high iso test clear winner is the LX (by along way)

ease of use and feeling comfortable holding and using the camera goes to GR

Deep down I really wanted the LX to be the one and to be honest it seems to out perform the GR in most things, but, I like using the GR better, it’s better to hold and simpler to use .

theres a lot to be said about feeling and holding the camera in hand and ITS NOT all about the image quality.......I found out at last !

i feel like the GR is a Ferrari with a 4 cylinder engine

and the LX is family saloon with a big V8 engine

hope that makes sense.

I'd much rather drive my little sports coupe on nice days, but my wife's loaded AWD SUV is more versatile.

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